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Feb. 22nd, 2004

terrie: (gimli girl 1)
I'm part of a PbEM group that has a pretty extensive set of message boards associated with it. I even mod one of the forums. Well, in the last month, we've been invaded by the most annoying little teenager I've ever met. Male, sixteen and as childish as all heck. He runs around making random suggestions on things he things we should do. When we comment on his ideas, he sulks and says we're all mean to him. One longtime member apparently "hates" him, because this kid brings it up at every turn.

I'd find it all more annoying if this kid wasn't so extremely immature. He's like a six year old telling us that we're playing wrong and that if we don't do it right, he's going to take his toys and go home. It's so damned funny. It's like:

Him: Nobody likes me!
Us: Well, maybe if you behaved--
Him: See, you're being mean to me!

He tried his tricks on my forum and I sent him a private message, saying "Follow the rules and behave". He tells me (in a blatent play for pity) "I can't help it, mental illness runs in my family. I have a short temper. Maybe if people weren't so mean..." Needless to say, I told him that excuse would not fly with me as I happen to have mental illness and can still control myself. I added that I hadn't seen any sort of meaness that he described and repeated my instructions to behave. He's left my forum alone since then, but is still being a little brat on the others.

It's all a bit like having a pet slug. Disgusting, but fun to poke with a stick.

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