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Jun. 3rd, 2004

Bah, Humbug

Jun. 3rd, 2004 08:16 pm
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Today? Not such a great day. First, I over slept by 30 minutes. Okay, not too big a deal. I include a goodly amount of buffer time in my morning routine for just this reason. Only it doesn't end there. As I'm heading out the door, I realize... Garbage day! Okay, go back and take care of that. However, as I'm taking out the garbage, the dog gets out. So I have to chase him down. Then, as I'm driving to work, I get onto the highway. 100 yards from the exit ramp, there's a utility truck parked in the middle lane of a three lane section. Traffic ain't going anywhere in any hurry.

Work was... Well, it was. Currently, I'm temping at a law agency sorting paperwork. They've picked up a new clinet and I think I'm literally going through a ton of paper. So much for the paperless society. The problem is that anyone smart enough to do this job is smart enough to be bored out of their ever loving skull. Thankfully, as long as I keep making steady progress, people don't mind if I take regualr breaks. If nothing else, I need to get the blood flowingh after a couple hours.

On the way home, traffic again SUCKED. This time, an accident. A SUV and a bus. No body won and there were a lot of emergancy vehicles. Glad I wasn't involved. Traffic was crawling. Heck, I think a crawling baby could have outdistanced us.

Thankfullt, today is ending. This is a good thing.

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