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Mar. 25th, 2004

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Who ever came up with relaxed fit, low ride jeans and capris needs to be shot. I can't seem to find many pants these days that fit me. At most, 1 in 10 (usually more like 1 in 15-20) fits. Of those maybe 1/2ish look any good. I'd think about wearing skirts except that 1) I hate skirts and 2) it's alomst as hard to find flattering skirts for me as it is pants and 3) Hlaf the ones that look decent are too short for me personal taste.

This rant was brought to you by a trip to the consignment shop with my mom. I found some stuff, true, but over all... not too happy. I found one dress that might have been nice, except it was too small across the shoulders (And it was a 10!).

One fun thing: I was trying on a skirt and suddenly my mom goes "There's a wet dog in here" The store is pretty tiny and keeps it's front door open when it's warm. It was pouring rain and apparently, some poor dog had decided the shop was a good place to get dry. Thankfully, he had a coller and tags and will be going home.

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