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It's gotten hot here and they haven't hooked up the swamp coolers yet. For those not from this part of the country, cheap cooling often done with evaporative ("swamp") coolers, where air moving over wets pads is cooled by evaporation and goes through the same vents as the heater. So, each fall and spring you have to unhook one and hook up the other.

The heat makes it hard to sleep. I'm so tired that my muscles ache. Even with a shower right before bed and a fan blowing directly on me, it's too hot to really sleep until about 1 or 2 in the morning, so I toss and turn until then. When I wake up the first time in the morning, I can barely move and usually fall back asleep for another hour.

My office is quite cool, which helps in some ways (keeps me from being even sleepier than I would be) and hinders in others (I want to bring a light blanket from home and nap under my desk).

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