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Feb. 27th, 2012 10:44 am
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I am so not awake. I had my balcony door open to enjoy the great weather yesterday, but my downstairs neighbor, it turns out, was outside smoking. Allergies are not fun. And I was out of the non-drowsy stuff. But I figured, hey, it's around 8, I'll take the drowsy stuff and go to bed early to sleep it off.

Cue me waking up at 8 am, and barely able to keep my eyes open. I took the dog out, fed me, called into to work that I'd be in by noon and went and slept another hour and half. Still not totally alert, but functional enough to come into work, at least. Had a couple things that needed to get done today. Suppressing the urge, now that they're done, to go home and sleep some more. That would totally mess up my sleep schedule. But it is a good reminder to pick up some non-drowsy anti-histamines so I don't end up playing zombie all spring.
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